To know me, is to hear “I’m cold.” And so for more than half of the year I don a sweater.  I have a real thing for turtlenecks but truly, I’m equal opportunity. As such, it is a search that happily never ends.  Duffy Design Group, named for Ed Duffy who is credited for bringing cashmere to the masses via L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer, is one of the oldest import-manufacturers of Cashmere in the US with unparalleled quality. Duffy NY began in 2010 as an exclusive brand for Barney’s with a goal of designing versatile, contemporary silhouettes with thoughtful details and construction. Their success led them to sell to other companies while keeping their price points very competitive.

I recently went to their Bryant Park showroom to see the Fall ’17 collection first hand and chat with the design duo.  The Cashmere Whisperers, designers Nicole Retting and Ann Yee, said their inspiration this fall was the boundless and unconfined spirit of abstract art. Yarns for the season focus on the softest cashmere, cashmere blends, cash felt, Mongolian fur and vegan leather offered in an harmonized mix of pop and neutral colors. Needless to say, I’m going to be living in Duffy. And you can too! Duffy and I have partnered to offer exclusive access to their full collection – so if you see something you like click here with your order.